Webinar: Deploying AI - a Nordic perspective


We are pleased to invite you to our Nordic webinar on AI deployment. 

The agenda offers an in-depth exploration of the current state of AI regulation within the European Union. You will furthermore get expert insights and discussions on vital aspects concerning AI governance, data privacy, and the intersection of AI with IT procurement.

The webinar is for those who wish to learn more about AI governance and how to safely, strategically, and commercially apply AI in their organization—both now and in the future.


  • After trilogue: current status of AI regulation in the EU
    Marlene Winther Plas, Partner and Nordic Head of IPT
  • Interplay between AI and data privacy
    Jennie Nilsson, Partner and Head of Digital, Data & Cyber in Sweden
  • AI Procurement checklist: how to address AI in IT procurement
    Markus Oksanen, Partner and Head of IPT in Finland
  • Pending regulation - manoeuvering extensive Norwegian public AI activity and projects in an "unregulated" field
    Line Voldstad, Partner and Head of Regulatory and FPR in Norway
  • Panel talk: Country specific AI legislation especially within the public sector
  • Q&A session

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